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Oct 22nd, 2014 by GodsongsHeart2Heart

By: GodsongsHeart2Heart Oct 22nd, 2014


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GODSTORY BEHIND ” KNOW ”  Recently Updated41

GodsongsHeart2Heart Ministry is blessed to announce the release of my new Godsong, “KNOW”. I have chosen to dedicate “KNOW” to my daughter as it is a beautiful reminder to her & all of us how deeply we are loved & known by our DaddyGod! PREPARE YOUR HEART SMILE METERS for the FINALE! What a precious ministry moment as you’ll hear my daughter’s voice reading as I’m singing His Love Notes ♫ !!! What she shares is something that DaddyGod wrote through my heart for her to read! It is very personal to both of us & is also included within my Godstory behind “KNOW” below. It will absolutely touch your hearts as you hear her voice touching upon the themes within PSALM 139 / Our Identity in Christ + worth + value & the depths we are so KNOWN & LOVED in our DaddyGod’s heart!! “

My Godsong, “KNOW” was born on the morning of October 3rd, 2013 as my heart was so deeply moved while reading page 128 of “Moving Your Invisible Boundaries” during my devotional time. Like a Liquid flow of His Heavenly LOVE pouring into my soul, my pen began writing these words in the margin….

“I KNOW you KNOW me! You see through & through to the deepest parts of me. You Love me, Oh how You love me. You know my heart”, it’s Your home, the Secret Place where we dance & play…where I am found in Your loving embrace through Your endless gaze, You tell me You know me, You tell me You love me! I adore how You adore me. I’m Yours, 4-ever Yours. I know You are for me ever drawing me closer into Your heart, Your House of Perfect Love. My Abba, My DaddyGod, You know me & You love me.” Upon writing this, I immediately went to my piano & my Godsong, “KNOW” was born!

Mid-afternoon that same day, I shared with my kids that DaddyGod had given me a new Godsong! When I came home that evening from our worship service at church, I invited my teenage daughter to sit down & listen to me as I sang my new Godsong, “KNOW. Without giving any details as to what inspired “KNOW” or what it was about, I just began to sing it to her. I didn’t even make it through the first chorus before her eyes began to well up with tears. I continued to sing. Her heart was personally being touched by the loving presence of the Lord. As her lips began to quiver & the tears began to fall, I realized that the lyrics ~ DaddyGod’s Love Notes ♫ ~ were deeply ministering to her heart. After I finished singing, she bowed her head & said with tear-stained eyes…”Mom, He really DOES KNOW!” I asked her why she was crying. She began to tell me that the words of “KNOW” really spoke to her & that DaddyGod really did “KNOW” what she had been going through & that she really felt that DaddyGod gave “KNOW” to me as a gift to give to her heart. I invited her to go up to her room with me so that we could share some heart 2 heart time together.

While in her room, she began to explain to me that for the last couple months or so she had been struggling to know “who” she really was. She was questioning her identity because she felt like depending on what setting or groups of friends she was with, she felt she had to act a certain way to feel accepted or a sense of belonging. In the process, she felt like she lost herself & didn’t feel like she knew which version of her was who she really was. So, as she listened to the lyrics that DaddyGod knows the deepest parts of her, it became clear to her that DaddyGod’s identity was her identity. She realized that He KNOWS & LOVES her heart.

I was so thankful that she shared her heart with me as it became a ministry moment & sweet opportunity for me to pour DaddyGod’s Love Notes ♫ into my daughter’s heart! As I also shared apart of my healing journey with her, as well, her whole countenance began to radiate as I reminded her of her worth, value & Identity in Christ, His beautiful Love for her & how deeply He knows who she really is in Him!!! Since I didn’t know that she had been struggling, I asked her when she had been struggling the most with it and she shared that very morning had been the most difficult time for her.

When she & I realized that DaddyGod’s LOVE NOTES ♫ for KNOW had been downloaded into my heart very near to the same timing she had been struggling that morning while at school, it was so precious to see her face & her heart melt with His comforting peace when she realized that DaddyGod had given “KNOW” to me as a LOVE GIFT to her!

My Godsong, ♫ KNOW ♫ is a very tangible reminder of the beautiful LOVE OF DADDYGOD that HE KNOWS & LOVES us! We shared a beautiful heart2heart time in His love that evening! As I kissed her tears away, I began praying the same prayer of His Loving Words of Truth, His Identity, worth & value over my daughter that I had also learned to pray that powerfully healed my heart. I KNOW how deeply He loves me & how deeply He KNOWS the deepest parts of my heart! I have memorized & engraved His Love upon the tablets of my heart & KNOW who I am in Him!!

Through all that I have been through ~ if there was anyone that really would personally be able to understand my daughter’s heart ~ it was me! DaddyGod hand-selected, heart-selected me to love my daughter with His loving favor!! Truthfully, if all that I had ever been through in my life was so that I could minister & empathize with my precious daughter in those very tender healing moments, it was worth it all! Because I had once struggled in knowing who I was and had been healed by knowing & experiencing His love, identity, view & opinion of me, I had such deep, deep compassion & empathized to the fullest degree with her.

I so remember the deep heartache of my own heart longing all of my life to be known, valued, accepted, to belong & feel that the “real me” was loved unconditionally. OH SWEET HEAVENLY DAY when I found & experienced DaddyGod’s Love in the secret place of my heart!! There’s NO FEAR & NO ANXIETY, NO HEARTACHE in His Perfect Love ! My heart dances in His loving presence! It is the most safe love I have ever known! I am free in His love!! Free to love others with His Love, be deeply loved & know His immeasurable love in my experiential KNOW!!! I learned His Love in the Secret Place of my heart! I learned to acKNOWledge =”KNOW” His Love not just know / have knowledge about it. It’s so deepened the reality of His love in me when I FELT HIS LOVE rather than just having the knowledge He loved me. How it raptured my heart for my heart to FINALLY BE KNOWN, LOVED, VALUED, TREASURED, ADORED & EMBRACED!!!

I printed out Psalm 139 (the Voice) for my daughter that night and slid it under her door highlighting the precious TRUTHS of His Love which began before she was ever created & knitted together in my womb! She woke up the next morning telling me how very loved & special she felt as she began to write DaddyGod’s Love Notes in Psalm 139 upon her heart!!! How healing to know HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES & to KNOW how deeply His Love KNOWS & GOES!!!

If you are struggling, hurting, longing for your heart to be fully known & to feel DaddyGod’s Love Notes, I invite & encourage you to read Psalm 139 (The Voice, the Message Bible) as you listen to my Godsong, “KNOW” & worship along with me.

His LOVE has come ALIVE in my heart! His Love has come “into being” in an experiential way inside of me! You can read His Truth & “know” about His love; however, the experience of His Love doesn’t come alive in You until You visually see it, receive, believe & learn to love yourself & others with & through His Eyes of Love & according to HIS DEFINITION OF LOVE!!! As we visually see & experience who we are through His Identity, view & opinion & through HIS REALITY, we come to KNOW how very deeply He KNOWS & LOVES us! His REALITY is truly our reality whether we see it, feel it or know His love, His LOVE is alive, so interactive as He knows us better than we or anyone else knows us! As deeply as He KNOWS us ~ to that degree & more He longs for His love to be revealed, TRULY KNOWN & experienced within-side of us!

To the degree I visually began to see & experience WHO I AM in my Great I Am’s eyes, through His definition of LOVE, through His Identity, worth & value, I began to experience HIS LOVE to the deepest degree & to the core of my being! My Heavenly Daddy has explored my heart & knows exactly who I am even to the microscopic details, He knows & loves YOU & ME !

I invite you to share my Godstory behind “KNOW” along with my Godsong “KNOW”  which are both on my webiste www.GodsongsHeart2Heart.com !!! As deep as His LOVE & KNOW goes, my heart is full of even more of His Loving Truths that I would truly love to share with you heart 2 heart! I would love to minister His love to you ! I pray as you listen to “KNOW” that you’ll know I’ve been praying over the lyrics, melodies, rhythms & even over the spaces in between the words that DaddyGod’s Love would be revealed & experienced in the deepest KNOW of your being as you listen & worship! Heart 2 heart in His LOVE NOTES ♫ through Godsongs, I will love you with His Love~ through the heartaches, the pain, the hurt ~ through it all ~ on S☼NSHINE & CLOUDY DAYS ~ until your heart comes to fully know & experience the depths of His Love!

Psalm 139
Colossians 3:4
Psalm 118
Psalm 121

Moving Your Invisible Boundaries, Jim B Richards, www.impactministries.com, pages 97, 128,132, 138-140, 143, 149,Chapter 17, 188 ~ from cover to cover! 🙂

(My Godstory continued)…
I stand in awe of our Creator DaddyGod who speaks His WORD & there is LIFE ! He speaks His Word & His LIGHT shines in our darkest hours illuminating His Healing Presence! In the innermost secret place of our hearts, He has taken residence! Our hearts are His home yet at the same time His heart is our home! I am so grateful that His Word, His Life, His light & healing presence is at home in our hearts & in our family’s home! It is His Resurrection blood flowing through our veins & arteries ! He transports His GRACE ~ power, strength & ability through our arteries & veins carrying His Living Power to every extremity of our bodies, through our hearts & from head to toe. There’s not any place within us that healing through His finished work is not fully present inside of us! Therefore, every provision & promise He made is in effect for us ~ wholly for us for our whole bodies, minds, hearts & spirits! He’s beyond description as there are not enough superlatives to describe our Heavenly DaddyGod!! We only KNOW a fraction of Him yet He so deeply, intimately & intricately KNOWs ALL of us!! Webster cannot define Him! Even if you combined all the vocabularies of all the languages in the universe, we could not come close to describing His amazing, unchanging, faithful Love who promises to love us forever with His limitless, powerful love! He KNOWS us & is wise beyond measure or description, deeply loving us beyond imagination ! His love knows no boundaries like an ocean without shores & His goodness to us exceeds time & space! How great is our Heavenly DaddyGod yet how personally He knows us by name & calls us His cherished, favored ones ~ His children ~ His family ~ His own!!!

Psalm 139 ~

”  He knows us full well ~ in the innermost places He has taken residence! “~ Momo Smiles

♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♥ ♫ ♥ ♫

“Every single moment You are thinking of me!
How precious and wonderful to consider,
That You cherish me constantly in Your every thought!
O God, Your desires toward me are more 
Than the grains of sand on every shore!
When I awake each morning 
You’re still thinking of me.”
Psalm 139:17-18 TPT

 ♫ KNOW ♫. © 2014, GodsongsHeart2Heart Ministry

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