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Oct 22nd, 2014 by GodsongsHeart2Heart

By: GodsongsHeart2Heart Oct 22nd, 2014


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GODSTORY BEHIND ” JOY DANCE ZONE ” joy dance zone pix larger

JOY DANCE ZONE © 2014, GodsongsHeart2Heart Ministry, www.GodsongsHeart2Heart.com

GodsongsHeart2Heart Ministry is “SOZO” EXCITED to release my new Godsong, “JOY DANCE ZONE” which was born on November 20, 2013. This same day I read about:

  • “SHALOM”=Flourishing
  • “SOZO”=saved, healed, delivered, blessed, prospered, protected, set apart & made whole

I was so visually & spiritually inspired after reading about Shalom & Sozo / Zoe life ! There’s SOZO much that comes with our salvation !!! SOZO includes being prosperous which means we are “blooming, booming, doing well, flourishing, fortunate, on a roll, prospering, successful, thriving, favorable, good, profitable, promising & timely.

When I began to read this, it ignited my spirit so much that I began to draw a picture in my book which represented my spirit “Flourishing, blooming & BOOMING” with HIS JOY fully & visually awakened to Shalom ♥ & the Sozo life gifted to me through the Finished Work of Jesus!

Flourishing reminded me so much of what I’ve learned about ZOE life, as well as “SOZO” = saved, healed, delivered, blessed, protected, prosperous, set apart, made whole. I loved everything that Sozo represents that I had always wanted to memorize everything that Sozo means so it became VERSE 2 of my new Godsong, JOY DANCE ZONE !

I went for my daily walk out in the sunny but mildly chilly weather. As I was walking around my church, a little tune hit me ! ♫ I knew this was DaddyGod downloading a new Godsong into my heart, soul & spirit! While walking, I began to “Garage Band” the little tune on my Iphone so I wouldn’t forget it. What a cool beat DaddyGod began to drum into my heart complete with “hip hop drums” ☺

Before I knew it, I began singing & humming the little tune into my IPhone memo recorder! Before I knew it JOY & Peace were coming out of my mouth in the lyric lines as I began to sing “I’m in the Joy Dance Zone”. I knew this was the sweet birth & joyful beginning of a new Godsong! Then I began to sing, “I feel the rhythm of the Dance You’re dancin’ over me! ” ♫I began to hear the melody of His love song singin’ His JOY over me as my heart was skipping to the beat for the duration of my joy walk !!!!!

His JOY is my JOY ! I’ve found my JOY in the JOY DANCE ZONE of my DaddyGod’s joyful & peaceful presence!  I’m growing in Your love, DaddyGod! I’m nourished in Your love, DaddyGod! You are my vision! You are the Truth of my heart! I’m thriving & so alive in Your love!!

The flourishing of the Divine – “order, health, prosperity on every level ” ~ reaps a harvest of righteousness!! Jesus, Your Righteousness in me means that “I am as I should be because I am in YOU” ! What continuous JOY it brings to my soul to experience the reality of God’s Kingdom of righteousness, peace, joy being expressed and released in my life!!  Lord, YOU are the REALITY of peace, Joy, righteousness and love in my life & sweet SHALOM = my peace and joy in the Holy Ghost !

JOY was set before You ~You endured the cross. Joy was the vision You had giving purpose to Your pain that You would endure on the cross for me! Your JOY is my JOY! You experienced the height of JOY at the height of your greatest pain because you knew you would get US in the exchange through enduring the cross until it was FINISHED!

Notes from a “Joy” themed sermon @ church
1 Thess 5:16-18 ~ “Be Joyful always.” Joy is a deep well within-side of us. Joy leads us home to our eternal reward
2 Corinthians 8:9

1 Thessalonians 2:17-19 ~ “I have found my Joy in YOU cause Your JOY is in me!!! Your joy is my joy! You are my /our Joy!   You are our Hope, our joy & our crown! What Joy we experience as we glory in Your presence, You are our glory and joy! Acts 5:41 ~ keep singing and proclaiming, announcing the good news with my voice that Jesus is the Christ! (also see page 118 of “Moving Your Invisible Boundaries” by Jim B Richards speaking about PEACE but eludes to SHALOM !

I’M ALIVE IN YOU ’cause YOU’RE ALIVE IN ME, JESUS !!!! Someday gravity won’t be able to hold me down !! I can feel Him so ALIVE IN ME that my whole being is charged with the Holy Fire of His Spirit ! His resurrection power – His Grace & the Power of His Love ~ is so ALIVE IN ME, it’s like I am dancing mid~air with my Holy living Flame with His Holy fire and Godsongs of HEAVENS JOY under my feet !! I’m in the JOY DANCE ZONE !!! My spirit feels so raptured and captured by the power of His great affection ! He is Lord of my GodDance and His magnificent Holiness & bright~shining Glory illuminates my Godstory in His LIVING COLORS in the present now & eternal yet to come! He is the Center of my life, the Center of it all ~ from my heart to the Heavens~ its all about YOU, Jesus !!! It’s ALL about YOU !! Your Name of LOVE be forever exalted & lifted High! I lay every crown at your Holy feet ! You are Overcomer, Defender, Holy Righteous RISEN ETERNAL ONE !!! I RISE with YOU & experience Heavenly & endless JOY !!!

So inspired by experiencing & flourishing in His Joy & Peace in the sweet Shalom of His Presence, I created a collage to visually go with “JOY” ! Here’s an excerpt taken from “LOVE LETTERS / my HEART 222 HEART journal on my www.GodsongsHeart2Heart.com website ~ ” I have discovered that place where I am deeply connected with You. It is a place within the deep reservoirs of my heart where I am in continual heart2heart 2~ way interactive, free~flowing inward & eternal focused conversations with You ! How you interconnect and interact with my …heart, soul & spirit intercepting my innermost thoughts and feelings interpreting them with Heaven’s Language and interceding the inexpressible into the heart of Love Himself ~ my Expresser~Feeler, my go~between! I LIVE IN A JOY DANCE WITH THE SPIRIT because YOUR SPIRIT is ALIVE IN ME! It is a realm of life & peace ~ Shalom! It is the realm of pleasure to my DaddyGod’s heart where His Spirit is living in me & I am living in His Spirit! You give me JOY & my spirit is alive because You are alive in me. I am pleasing and “as I should be” because my I AM is as He should be IN me. This is the reality of Your Righteousness alive in me! I am filled with righteousness because Your righteousness lives in me. Your love, identity, worth & value & righteousness is so deeply ingrained within me that it has become my spiritual makeup / DNA. Your Spirit gives me inexhaustible life & JOY! Your GRACE is the fueled up generator ~ the Powerhouse of Life within me that has birthed and woven YOUR RISEN LIFE within-side of me.  Your JOYFUL RISEN NEW LIFE encompasses everything within the fabric of my being and has raised a joyful, new risen life in me by Your grace!

Spirit ~ Lead me on in the dance in the JOY DANCE ZONE with You, my Abba, my DaddyGod ~ my sweet Jesus! What JOY You felt as You witnessed the day of my adoption into your family! With JOY, You claimed & proclaim I am Yours! With JOY, You testify to the day my heart was signed & sealed by Your Love signature ~ giving me my NEW NAME ! It was THAT day I became an heir to the Inheritance I have in You ~ the Fullness of GOD~ everything that You are & everything You have is in me! What treasures You have prepared for my heart that I am enjoying in the HOPE chest You have filled within me! The day of my adoption was the day I became Your child & Jesus became my brother. This day I entered into the JOY DANCE ZONE with You & experienced the abundant life with You! I am SOZO thankful ~ saved, healed, delivered, blessed, protected, prosperous, set apart & made whole!!!

Your GLORY is revealed in the deep recesses of my heart where You translate & intercede upon my behalf ! You are my BLESSED GO~ BETWEEN! Your daughter is forever, eternally grateful sweet Spirit~ my DaddyGod ! I am SO in love with You!!! I am eternally in the JOY DANCE ZONE with You experiencing the JOY of SOZO / ZOE life! ‘

ZOE ~ Strongs Greek 2222 ~ biblehub.com/greek/2222.htm

Additional Inspiration for JOY DANCE ZONE:

Romans 8
“Keep Your Love On” book by Danny Silk, page 76
Sermon notes I took at my church which was on JOY !
“Moving Your Invisible Boundaries” by Jim B Richards, www.ImpactMinistries.com, pages 88, 96,114, 118, 122, 139, 172 (Chapter, 15, the whole book ☺)
Excerpt from my LOVE LETTERS on my website ~ www.GodsongsHeart2Heart.com/535/

1 Thessalonians 2:19-20
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Philemon 1:6

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