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Oct 22nd, 2014 by GodsongsHeart2Heart

By: GodsongsHeart2Heart Oct 22nd, 2014


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GODSTORY BEHIND “ I CHOOSE YOU “, © 2014, GodsongsHeart2Heart Ministry, www.GodsongsHeart2Heart.com

GodsongsHeart2Heart Ministry invites your heart’s to worship along with me as I share my Godsong release & Godstory behind my Godsong, “ I CHOOSE YOU “ below!

►My Godsong, “I CHOOSE YOU” was born on 2/24/14 as I was driving home that morning. Like a warning light on my emotional dashboard indicating internal “trouble”, I realized how I was feeling in that moment was directly influenced by what I had been focused, meditating & thinking upon the whole ride home. It wasn’t until I experienced these painful emotions that I became aware / realized that I had added to “the heartache” because I had been unintentionally dwelling/ rehearsing / focusing my attention on the problems of “life”. I had to accept the responsibility that I was letting my heart be “troubled”. Inadvertently, I had been an accomplice to my own pain, fear & anxiety without even realizing it!! Because I was magnifying & dwelling on the troubles in “life”, I was limiting my ability to experience DaddyGod’s Reality, His view & opinion of my circumstances through His eyes which is full of His loving peace, rest, comfort & hope & the promise of a good outcome & His abundant LIFE!

When I became aware in that moment of how I was contributing to my pain by focusing & spending my thoughts / time meditating upon “life” problems, I made a clear & intentional choice / decision / determination that I was only going to give my undivided attention, my thoughts, my heart & the stage presence in my life to the Word of Life ~ JESUS ! He is the Life-Giver who has given me HOPE yesterday, today & tomorrow !! When my Hope is in Him ~ His Hope gives me a confident expectation of a good outcome in my life which is His abundant Life that He’s given me in & through His Finished Work upon the Cross, through His burial & Resurrection! He has placed His LIFE & LOVE inside of me & that much more abundantly !! I am not in lack or in “trouble” because He’s my only Source of Life & the only Life-Giving Answer / So(u)lution to my heart, soul & spirit!!!

Rather than being consumed with thoughts that only come to distract, destroy & extinguish the experience of His abundant life & promises, I CHOOSE to focus, meditate, rehearse the Life-Giving Words of the Word of Life! When & to the degree I CHOOSE LIFE & to meditate / magnify the Word of Life ~ JESUS ~ I experience the promise of His Abundant Life shared in John 10:10 !!

Jesus said “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (KJV) Jesus came to give me / us life ~ HIS LIFE ~ with joy and abundance! We are not in lack when He is our Source. We may not feel or experience His REALITY, HIS VIEW & OPINION which is His Glory if we are choosing to dwell, meditate, magnify & be consumed by our troubles & what we perceive is our reality. We will only experience His Life & His Glory ~ His Reality ~ His view & opinion ~ when & to the degree we CHOOSE to view our life / circumstances / relationships / others through His eyes! We must believe, receive & intentionally CHOOSE to focus/ dwell/ meditate/ magnify &fill our minds & heart with His Living Truth, His Life, His Reality, His View & Opinion!!

As Philippians 4:8 encourages us all ~“Brothers & sisters fill your minds with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy.”

To the degree we choose to place our thoughts upon the WORD of LIFE in place of the negative thoughts & mind traps that have us so stuck in believing what we perceive/ feel / think is our reality, we will experience HIS ABUNDANT LIFE to the full & in abundance!!!

Right then, I began to pray & express aloud my heart’s desire to the Lover of my Soul declaring to the Author of my Life, the One who Finished, Perfected & Pre-planned His good outcome for my Life ! 

“O, Lord, ~ regardless of “life” & these circumstances that are out of my control,


I CHOOSE to place & invest my thoughts, my focus, my attention fully on YOU! You are MY LIFE!!! You are my SONG!! You are my BREATH!!! In YOU, I always know where I belong! You alone deserve & will receive the stage presence in my life!! It’s ALL about You, Jesus! Your Voice of Life speaks a better Word, a Life-Giving HEALING WORD over me!! My heart will only be atune to Your Voice of Peace which keeps me current & full of HOPE in the good outcome You’ve planned for my future rather than focusing on the past. I CHOOSE YOU ~ the ONE who has chosen me! I am CHOSEN by YOU ~ my I AM ~ therefore, I CHOOSE YOU ! MY REALITY IS YOU!!! I am saved, marked, identified, sealed & set apart & SOZO loved & fully satisfied by YOU forever!!

When I CHOOSE YOU in return I experience Your mercy, grace, joy, peace, loving-kindness, worth, Identity, value, & Your favor. When I CHOOSE YOU ~ I experience the Holy Spirit’s PEACE ~ in my heart, soul & spirit ~ of knowing I am fully accepted, belonging & chosen by You!!  You are the Prince of my Life, the Prince of Peace, my DaddyGod,the King of Righteousness & my Jehovah-Shalom! “

What a beautiful worship moment as I internally & externally magnified, claimed, received, personalized & spoke His Words of Life & His Reality over my life!  When I declared, “ I CHOOSE YOU” & made a decision / choice to focus my heart & attention completely upon Him, everything changed!! As soon as I got home on 2/24/12, my Godsong, “I CHOOSE YOU” was born!!! That very night, in the wee hours of the morning 2/25/14, even as my spirit prayed & waited (waited =to bind together, entwine & wrap myself around His Life living within me) and with great & peaceful anticipation, expectation, eagerness & excitement, I prepared to hear Heaven’s Voice & postured my heart to have an Encounter with His LIFE! As I began to magnify, focus on, meditate upon His Life living in me, it was like I became supernaturally weightless & all of Heaven ~ HIS LIFE & the POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION flooded my soul with a supernatural adrenaline! In the spirit realm, like a Heavenly portal visually opening above me, I began to feel & hear the beautiful & audible sound waves of Heaven that vibrated within me & a supernatural surge like the energy of Heavenly electricity rapturing my heart up to His! I felt His Glory aglow & radiate all over me!!! My hands lifted up in praise to Him as my spirit & the voice of my heart exclaimed, “ I CHOOSE YOU !” This Heavenly experience was a healing transformation in the spirit realm which birthed the Bridge to my Godsong, I CHOOSE YOU !!

Sometimes if we choose or allow it, “life” can be distracting especially when are intentionally or unintentionally more aware, consumed, focused, dwelling, thinking of our external circumstances. To the degree we magnify our problems or the problems we encounter in “life” by focusing our attention & thoughts upon them (especially when combined with our negative self-talk or judgments which create mind traps), to this degree & so much more, it has the power to impact & skew / alter our perspective of & perception of reality which influences our experience of reality, as well as our experience of others, ourselves & yes, even God.

Unknowingly, we’ve sometimes become an accomplice in creating some of our own heartaches & pain. This is because we’ve allowed ourselves to become so emotionally & mentally caught up in, more influenced by our negative self-talk & judgments, as well as our mind traps or perhaps the unloving, untrue, negative tapes we’ve rehearsed & rewinded & played over & over spoken by others. We’ve become distracted & more influenced by the problems & disappointments in “life” because we’ve inadvertently and sometimes purposely chosen to meditate & magnify “life” problems rather than magnifying the LIFE-GIVING, TRUE & ABUNDANT LIFE we have in & through the eternally safe, life-giving love of our DaddyGod’s fully displayed & eternally ours through the Finished Work of Jesus!

When we declare & sing , ” I CHOOSE YOU “to the Author of Life, we CHOOSE LIFE & the BLESSING of His Abundant Life & His Promises !!! “Lord, as I CHOOSE YOU “~ I am stamped, sealed, set apart, marked with the YES of Your Son, JESUS, the Word of LIFE!! In Jesus, the Author of my LIFE & my DaddyGod, the Great Amen’s YES & my YES 222gether affirms & makes His YES ~ HIS LIFE ~ gloriously evident & a sure thing within me!!! Thank You, Holy Spirit that through the WORD OF LIFE, You’ve stamped Your Covenant of Peace, Your eternal promise upon me ! As I CHOOSE YOU ~ I experience a sure beginning & the completion of what You’ve destined my life to be in You, as I CHOOSE YOU !!!!!!!!!! “

Hebrews 7
Hebrews 12:2
Matthew 6:33
Philippians 4:8
Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Deuteronomy 11:26

2 Corinthians 1:20-22 

“Whatever God has promised gets stamped with the YES of Jesus.

In Him, this is what we preach and pray, the Great Amen, God’s YES and our YES together, gloriously evident.

God affirms us, making us a sure thing in Christ, putting His YES within us. By His Spirit,

He has stamped us with His eternal pledge—a sure beginning of what He is destined to complete. “


Dear DaddyGod, my Precious Jesus,

It is my honor to LOVE You with all of heart! It is my JOY to WORSHIP You from the depths of my spirit & to sing how Lovely You are!! You are so captivating to my soul- my mind, will & emotions!! I am so filled in the glory of Your Presence. Bless the LORD oh my soul & let all that’s within me magnify Your Holy name! YOUR FULLNESS is living inside of me! Your FULLNESS represents ALL that You are & have is living within side of my whole being! YOU are my REALITY! Your VIEW & OPINION is all my heart, soul, spirit’s attention & hearing is captured by ! I look to BEAUTIFUL YOU listening intently & solely to YOUR VOICE – YOUR CALLING – YOUR LOVESONG YOU SING OVER ME! Your VOICE of LOVE is the MOST PRECIOUS VOICE I HAVE & WILL EVER HEAR ! Your VOICE keeps my heart, soul & spirit in PEACE because I HAVE CHOSEN TO STAY my thoughts & attention ON YOU !

I CHOOSE YOU ! YOU are the only ONE who defines me & speaks YOUR LOVE DEFINITION, WORTH, VALUE, IDENTITY & PURPOSE in my life! My ears are tuned only to YOU ! My eyes are only on YOU !! You are my SOURCE! With YOU as my SOURCE ~ I am not lacking for anything! I am everything YOU say I AM in YOU!!! I have everything YOU SAY I have IN YOU!!! Thank You, JESUS for Your FINISHED WORK at the cross, Your burial and RESURRECTION!!! YOUR VOICE spoke & created a NEW THINGS when You rose up from the grave to a VICTORIOUS NEW LIFE!!! Because I am IN YOU & YOUR RESURRECTION BLOOD & BREATH is flowing through my veins!! You give me YOUR GRACE ~ the power, strength, ability & capacity to do and be what I cannot do in my own strength, ability, power or capacity! Just one RESURRECTION BREATH in my lungs filled me with YOUR FULLNESS !!! All the LOVE YOU POURED OUT TO ME with just one drop of blood that You shed on the Cross fills my heart, soul & spirit’s well to overflow with your LOVE !! I am full of Your Promises! I am full of Your Provision! I am full of YOUR WORTH, VALUE, IDENTITY & YOUR BEAUTIFUL PURPOSE for my life!!!

Thank You, DaddyGod for choosing me to be Your daughter! Thank You, You, DaddyGod for making me apart of Your eternal family ! I CHOOSE YOU because You chose me before time began! I inherited all the FULLNESS OF GOD ~ everything that You are and everything that You have ~ when I chose You to be my Everything!!! You are my PURPOSE!! You are the MEANING TO MY LIFE!!! YOU are the only thing I want others to REMEMBER when they think of me ! YOU are the only impression I want to make on anyone!!! YOU are the only One I want them to see & feel when I love them with Your love! You are the only One thing that I want them to experience when I sing my Love Notes ♫ to You!!! All else fades away & only YOU COME INTO VIEW in my HEART’S EXPERIENCE each time I CHOOSE YOU !

I CHOOSE YOU again & again & again mulitiplied by eternity! You are the refreshment, restoration & Love’s River of Life to my heart, soul & spirit! You are my only PEACE!! You are the only REWARD! You are the only One who I look to for acceptance, worth, value & purpose for my life! It’s from this place You’ve filled with all of You that I have peace & rest !! One look at YOU was when I found everything I was ever searching for!!! With all of You living, breathing & singing within me, I can sing “It is WELL” within my soul because YOU ARE THE WELL within my soul!!! I love You with all of me from the inside-out to the outside-in! I CHOOSE YOU because You chose me!!! All else fades away…YOU are the only One I’m focusing on because IT’s ALL ABOUT YOU, JESUS! With You being the center of my life ~ You bring all things together for Your Good & for Your good purposes!! I love Your GOOD Purpose for my life because it’s YOU !! I give all that You’ve given me back to You ! Thank You for leading me beside STILL WATERS, O SHEPHERD of my soul!! Your banqueting table is a FEAST full of YOUR GOODNESS & MERCY & YOUR LOVE is the cup that has satisfied my thirst ! You anoint my head ~ my thoughts, my mind, my soul & my will ~ with Your sweet OIL of GLADNESS & JOY ! Your LOVE overflows my cup until it runs over!!!

Thank You for the surplus I’ve experienced in Your love & for giving me creative ways in Your beautiful timing to be Your Love Blessing to others! All I want ~ all I have ~ all I need is in YOU ! This is my love song to you ~ I CHOOSE YOU & to walk through the doors You OPEN & LEAD ME THROUGH! I love You, my sweet DaddyGod ! With all that I am in my I AM – I CHOOSE YOU, JESUS !!!


Your Precious Daughter You’ve called by Your Holy Name

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