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Jun 8th, 2013 by GodsongsHeart2Heart

By: GodsongsHeart2Heart Jun 8th, 2013


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Religion_0552a(Before you begin to experience “LOVE LETTER”,
I invite you to scroll down & choose to play one or more of my Godsongs from my Godsongs Playlist) “STAY”, “SHOW ME YOUR FACE”, “REDEEMER”, “MIRACLE WATERS”, “PRAYER SONG”, “BREATHING”, “HOLY LIVING FLAME”,”PRINCE OF MY LIFE”, “HOLY TO THE LAMB”, “KNOW”, “I CHOOSE YOU”, “FAITHFUL & TRUE”, “FULLNESS OF GOD”, “JESUS BE JESUS”

June 5, 2013

DaddyGod, You rain down Your Love Notes into my heart.  (Deut. 28:12)  DaddyGod, You bless my coming in and my going out!   You bless me in the Promised Land You’ve given.  You throw open the doors of Your LoveSky Vaults pouring & raining down your Love Notes into my Heart right on schedule, in it’s “season” ~ the season of New Beginnings. 

The Spirit of God has made me, and the Breath of the Almighty gives me life.”   Job 33:4 (ESV)

“Let my life sing  my Love Song to You, my King ~ Let every breath I breathe exhale Your Love for me!
You’re closer than my next breath ~ Closer than my next heartbeat ! “

~ GodsongsHeart2Heart Ministry


    • Psalm 42      I drink from DaddyGod’s deep rivers!  My thirst is fully satisfied with God-Alive! 
    • Revelation 21:6      You give me the Fountain of the Water of Life ~ I drink FREELY when I am thirsty however much I want!
    • Psalm 43       I’ve found my way to the Sacred Mountain of BELIEVE ~ the place of Your Presence ~ to enter the place of worship and to meet my exuberant DaddyGod in my heart.
    • Psalm 51        You’ve entered me and conceived NEW-TRUE LIFE!
    • Psalm 53        I am God-Expectant !
    • Psalm 57         The deeper Your Love (well) in my soul ~ the Higher in Your Love I fly FREE
    • Psalm 62        You are my proVISION – everything I need comes from the Fullness of God (YOU) !  You are the breathing room for my soul resuscitating me with Your Breath of New Life.  You’ve been so good to me!!!  You’ve Pastored, Shepherded & Covered me ~ My soul has found my rest in You alone, O, my Rock of Ages, the Cornerstone of my heart.  You are my Salvation, the Healer of my soul, my Deliverer, Restorer of blessings, O, Promise keeper of my soul!  My Inheritance is in Your Prosperous Love, O my Protector, my Abba Father, my DaddyGod & my Jehovah Jireh!  You’ve set me in Your seat of Righteousness and made me whole!  Reserved in Your heart are these precious, intimate moments with You!  I’ve found the Rest of my soul ~ YOU~  I confidently expect good outcomes with You as my HOPE! Like the Winter Snow falling from Heaven’s Heart You blanket me as Your sweet Presence & anointing falls upon me!   I walk in Your Word ~ Your LOGOS ~ my Adonai !  You are so near ~ within-side the shelter of Your Words of Life ~ I found my GodSONG in You ~ in Your Love Shadows beneath Your wings where I find my STAY ~ my immovable TRUST, my Faithful & True!   My Home is in Your heart and my heart is in Yours forever & always!
    • Psalm 63          DaddyGod ~ I can’t get enough of You.  I’ve come!  I seek You.  My heart thirsts for You!  I long for You!  You fully satisfy me in the Secret Place.  I seek You with every fiber of my being.  You are my Elohim!  I’ve come to meet You and seek You ~ in the Secret Holy Place ~ the Holy of Holies ~ where Your Presence abides ~ here in my heart!  Here I see Your Grace & Your Glory (your view & opinion which is my reality, Your splendor &  majesty, Your shining greatness)  I spend hours in grateful meditative reflection breathing in the Fullness of You into my veins.   I am FREE TO RUN & PLAY WITH YOU IN THE WILDFLOWER FIELDS OF NEW BEGINNINGS & TRANSFORMATION in THIS NEW SEASON !   
    • You satisfy my soul with the richest of foods!  I am filled to the full measure with Your Living Water & the Bread of Your Life, O, Bread of Heaven!  Yet, it is so good, I can’t get enough of You!  I crave more & more of You!  With every taste & drink ~ I want to discover deeper places in Your love. Here I am singing my Godsongs in the Shadow of Your wings.  Singing back 2 Your heart the Love Notes You first rained into my heart!  I am fully satisfied in You!  Your Love is better than life.  I am living ~ really living at last in Your generous Love Notes!  So, here I am in this place of worship feeling Your heartbeat echoing & reverberating within every fiber of my being.  My arms wave like banners of Praise 222 U!  I praise, worship & bless You with every breath I inhale I exhale MORE of YOU to breathe You back into my soul, heart and spirit yet deeper than the last breath!   You are MORE ! Your Love is MORE ! More of Your HEALING LOVE is always available in rich, endless life-giving supplies to immeasurable & vast amounts ~ The sweetness I feel in my soul when I think about the Healing Love Volumes You’ve written  over my heart  ~ You paint in Love Whispers upon the canvas of my life!  You are my beautiful Beginning & my Happily Ever After!  All of the pages of my Life are filled with the Love Notes & Love Letters You’ve signed upon my heart with Your Love Signature!   You are the Prelude & the Postlude ~ the Endless Song of Love that has raptured my heart with Heaven’s XOXOXO’s ~ that’s Your Holy Presence ~Your invisible Sacred Presence alive in me visibly leaving Your fingerprints all over my heart as You’ve massaged Your Healing Love Notes You are creating something MORE beautiful & NEW !  You are MORE & I want MORE of YOU !!!! ♫
    • Within the deep recesses of my being ~ there is a reservoir ~ a deep well ~ full to the brim & overflowing ~ it is WELL WITHIN MY SOUL ! This INK WELL will never run dry. I may dip the featherlight pen of my love into Your INK WELLS of colorful love ~ at all times ~ so that I may voice my love to You and to others!  HOW AMAZING IS YOUR LOVE!  You are MORE than wonderful!  You’ve penned Your LOVE NOTES upon my heart tattooing / marking Your LOVE SIGNATURE upon me with the QUILL OF YOUR LOVE!   The feather QUILL OF YOUR LOVE comes from the SHADOW OF YOUR WINGS that You cover me safely up under in the Secret Place of my heart..
    • Psalm 45      You’ve artistically feathered a Beauty Mark ~ an insignia of Your Love’s Passion for me authenticating the Identity of Your name ~ Your Identity ~ the FULLNESS OF YOU ~ being ONE & MARRIED with my heart! You are a Keepsake and I am Your keepsake ~ eternally ONE with You !
    • Psalm 65       I am here with You ~ fully present in Your passionate love for me.  I have a HOME in Your Secret Place ~ chosen & adopted by the King ~ fully expectant and anticipating every revelation I see through Your eyes.  Your visual visitations are another divine proVISION of Your Love Notes raining down into my heart new Godsongs, Godstories, GodDreams &  Godtestimonies in FULL & TRUE COLOR VISIONS of Your Love reality becoming ONE with mine.  Your endless visitations in the Holy Place invite me to dance the dance of LOVE with my Papa / DaddyGod ~ my Abba Father! Like a carpet of wildflowers ~ You have sprinkled blossoms & petals of Your Love ~ the ROSE OF SHARON PETALS ~ down the meadows of my heart.  This is Your care of my heart’s garden ~ Your watering ~ Your nourishing ~ Your decorating ~ Your preparing & tenderizing / softening ~ Your crowning & dressing my heart ~ blanketing it with Your goodness, proVISION and the Rivers of Your overflowing love and showering Your Love Notes like rainfall upon & into my heart! 
    • I am blanketed & COCOONED in Your Love ~ like a mighty rushing LOVE whisper wrapping Your Presence around me carrying & suspending me like sweet rapture ~ so weightless, defying gravity ~ I am being transformed by the Preservation of Your Presence where I am surrounded above, beside & beneath with You ~ MORE OF YOU ~ in this well-watered place!  To travel endless miles with You in my heart ~ having come from the winterized woods ~ passing through the Riverfalls / Waterfalls of Your Mercy into the Promised Land of Abundance ~ the safe place of Your love has encapsulated & insulated around me and I am fully known to You in this Heartland of Belonging ~ heir to the Inheritance of the deep wells of Your Living Water ~ surrounded above, beneath & beside by the the Breath of Your Holy Winds of Fragrant New Life & New Beginnings! 
    • Look!  Travelers have come out to join me in Your holy Royal Loyal Love Land ~ the Place of Plenty ~ well-watered ~ safe place enriched by the SMILE OF DADDYGOD shining upon the soil of our hearts ~ planting HIS FAVOR & BLESSINGS upon us ~ marking the Beauty Mark  ~ the signature of His SMILE BLESSING upon the 4 corners of our hearts.
    • Psalm 67      DaddyGod, You are the BANQUET TABLE of FEAST ~ the bountiful supply ~ oceanic expanse ~ the Root and garden of Abundance ~ the Land of Your Living Breath ~ BREATH OF HEAVEN ~ the Voice of the speechless, the proVISION of the visions ~ the Author of  Visual Revelation, Composer of  Godstories & Godsongs ~ coming out with all the Amens, Praise the Lords & Hallelujah’s being sung by the voices of the free ~ the unmuted, uncaged, unchained, silenced voices declaring YOU ARE MORE !  You are MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!  Singing to the tune of Your Shining Greatness, Your Majesty, Your splendorous view and opinion which is my reality!  GLORY!!! 
    • The Heart drums join in the cadence of the rhythms of our Godsong praises enjoying the encore of Your Love Notes beating down upon the drums of our hearts!  We BOW our hearts to the worth of Your Love, Beautiful One Worthy!  We echo back to You what You first echoed into our hearts ~ LOVE NOTES echoing throughout all the earth boomeranging them back to our hearts as we beat on the drum to the rhythm of Godsongs!  It’s the beat of our hearts on Heaven’s Holy drum as we sing & march!  LOOK!  There is DaddyGod leading us as the Father of Orphans, the Champion of Widows, the Loving Father to the prodigal, the Hero, Warrior, Great I Am ~ Faithful & True of our hearts ~ to a FREEDOM place for the captives once imprisoned now set free from the chains that are falling! 
    • Can you hear the sound?  Listen to the sound!!!  There’s a Revival of Love all around!  Hearts are opening up as You pour out Your Love Notes in buckets, DaddyGod!  We are dancing & walking ~ swimming upon the well waters of Your Oasis of Love!  We are fueled and refueled by the oil wells of Your Gladness for the journey to the Mountain of BELIEVE  ~ where streams of Your Living Water pave through the valleys of Your Grace ~ Your  ability, strength and power that carries us in the arms of the Deliverer riding upon the FINISHED WORK OF JESUS ~ CROSSing over the Oceans of Your Love ~ accompanied by the Freedom Wings of the LoveDove of Your Holy Spirit’s peace ~ WE FLY!!!  Flying in the procession beside the Chariot of DaddyGod ~ as He leads us to the Mountain of  BELIEVE to staycation / Rainbowcation in His Love!  We, Your adventure thirsty loving children of DaddyGod are heading to the Holy of Holies Places ~ the Secret Place of our Heartzone  ~ where our spiritual senses and belief is born ~ nurtured ~ living and growing in the WOMB OF DADDYGOD! 
    • Eyes awakening to capture the Living Vision of Your Love in Living Color, ears to hear the sounds of believers hearts beating like a drum to the rhythm of Godsong Lovesong raining down Your Love Notes from the LoveSky Vaults into our hearts ~ DaddyGod’s LoveSong ~ tasting the sweet flavor of DaddyGod’s Kisses of Favor upon their hearts ~ Whispers of His Love penning His Love Insignia upon their souls ~ ” I love YOU, more than I can ever say.  I am passionately in love with you, my child!”  That’s Your answer from Your ever-listening heart as our hearts echo back to Your heart.  “DaddyGod, I love You MORE than I can ever say.  I am passionately in love with Your love.  It’s indescribable!  It’s in-expressible!  It’s uncontainable!  It’s immeasurable LOVE!!!   MOUNTAIN OF BELIEVE ~ the Healing Air I breathe exhaled by the Living Breath of DaddyGod ~ from the Tomb to the womb & birth of my Believing ~ from the cradle to and through my childhood days ~ until now ~ everyday I dedicate a Lovesong to You, Oh LifeSong of my Heart ~ blazing in Your Glory ~ shining down upon my heart, S☼NSHINE ~ You’re ALL I WANT!
    • Psalm 73       You’re ALL I WANT in Heaven and in my heart!  You’re the only HOME I want, Tribe of Judah ~ You are my family and I gladly bear Your name upon my heart!  You are the LION ~ the ONE ~ the ETERNAL ~ my Godstory ~ my GODSONG ~ it’s You that I sing!  It’s YOU that I praise from shore to shore to FOREVER-MORE!  I create a worship garland of Rose Petals to give back to You what You first gave to me!  BREAD OF HEAVEN ~ You breathed the Breath of  Heaven into every vacancy in my heart & soul!  Love Skyrider  ~ who rides the clouds of Your Glory ~ who sent forth the Loveclouds to rain down Your Love Notes into my heart ~ like bread from Heaven ~ Heavenly Manna ~ I ate what You’ve provided and I’ve had my fill!  You fully satisfy me with Your ALL YOU CAN EAT LOVE BUFFET !  I feast upon Your favor and I’m  satisfied fully in You!  I remember and I HAVE BECOME WHAT I BELIEVE ABOUT YOU & YOUR LOVE FOR ME!  It’s transformed me!  I have BECOME YOUR SMILE BLESSING UPON ME ~ as YOU SMILE upon my heart You bring SMILES OF THE RESURRECTION LIFE INTO ME.  Generous are Your gifts of favor to give me eyes of YOUR FAVOR upon me.  DaddyGod’s Love is in FULL VIEW in the rear view, side view and future view mirror of Your Love! 
    • Through Your eyes I dive into the depths of Your Oceanic love.  In these miracle waters there is healing for our souls, freedom for our spirits to expand in Your limitless love & be engulfed by Your Presence which is vast as an ocean so wide.  You invite me to journey to Your heart!  I accept Your invitation through the inlet of Your Eyes of Love!  How Your Eyes WELL into mine with Springs of Perfect Love!  I splash in the sparkling waters of the fountain deep within me.  It is a well which never runs dry.  Time and space become still as my eyes are fixated upon Your Eyes.  I am ready, DaddyGod ~ Jesus ~ I come! 
    • Here I flow in the rapids of Your Living Blood!  I am taking a journey into your Heart Place!  It’s like a Tunnel of Love as I am riding through the ventricles of your heart ~ what Vessels of Liquid Love through which your healing blood flows.  I am going deeper into the recesses of the depths of YOU, Your Love & your heart!  This adventure is far too amazing for earthly tongue to express or pen.  So, here my Heavenly Language is my expresser-feeler as I thunder my joyful praise on this exhilarating ride / journey into Your heart.  I am traveling to the heartbeat of Your music in time with Heaven’s rhythm of Love waves as it ushers me & spirals me into the depths of  Your heart.  I am carried away in the flow of Your Living Blood as I sway so effortlessly through the tunnels / ventricles of Your Heart.  I am traveling / zooming in Your Love Waters to the left & to the right spiraling deeper & deeper through Your Love Channels that are carrying me to Your Heart Place ~ the destination of my Home where I belong.  Such an exhilarating ride yet such a peaceful flow I have tapped into!   Papa God ~ I am coming!  I am venturing to You inside Your heart ~ deeper I go ~ diving deep into the depths of a Love that has no end!!!  I am spiraling in Your heart ~ free to experience Your ALL ~ no reservations ~ nothing will ever hold me back from PURSUING YOU ~MORE OF YOU, DADDYGOD!  You’ve given my heart wings  ~ Your Grace in Your ability I flow ~ effortlessly I come! 
    • I am here!  I am illuminated by the glow of Your heart-light  ~  fully aglow ~ the color of embers cast amber – golden, orange blazing colors upon my face!  I am drawn to You~ magnetized ~ to the door of Your heart’s home!  I hear Your VOICE welcoming me to the Home of Your heart!  Your Heart Place is my Secret Place where I rest in MORE of Your Love ~ in the Living Room of Your heart in sweet fellowship with Your Worth Value, Identity, Your view & opinion is my reality mirror!  Your Love for me is to INFINITY!  I see reflections of Your Love in the Mirrors of Your home that is my Present Now ~ feeling fully at home, safe loved belonging, accepted valued  secure ~ & will always be to the infinity of Your love.  How can I describe what ‘I feel & what I see as I walked into Your heart~ through the door of my home sweet home.  Mirrors were everywhere ~ all around ~ above & below me.  A scarlet red sectional surrounded the room with its warmth, comfort and seat of rest.  It is the seat of my being ~ in You!  Everywhere I looked I saw my reflection which was really a reflection of You & how deeply You see me as I AM ~ my I AM!  Oh, how You Love me!  Your love reflections are above, beneath ~ all around me ~ everywhere I look I see You in me & me in You!  The flames of Your Holy Living Flame are like candles ~ millions of them to infinity !  I am encapsulated in Your Living Room~ Your Holy Living Flames of Your love fully engulfed in the glow of Your love!  The fragrance of Your Loving Presence saturates Your Heart Place!  The incense of Your attention is on me!  You are fully present with me!  I am important to You and my importance, value & worth to You is reflected to Infinity!  I am fully known to You!  Nothing is left unnoticed ~ every word, every sentence I say is finished!  You speak to my heart in such loving tones! You hear me ~ even before a word is on my tongue ~ You KNOW my heart before I ever express it!  You long to spend time in these infinite moments with me telling me MORE & MORE about how deeply Your affection runs for me!  You call my name and it’s like it echoes to infinity!  The mirrors create a room where the acoustics are perfectly tuned to the echo of Your heartbeat ~ the Heartbeat of Heaven!  My DaddyGod fully KNOWS me ~ the real me ~ that’s my identity ~ my Identity is You!  You are into me & I am so into You! I am so completely saturated by Your Love~ locked into a TIMELESS PRAISE  moment with you!  I sing to You, ” I’m in the depths of You & You’re in the depths of me!  Let my colors be Your love as Your Love comes alive in me!”  With every breath I breathe I will always STAY with You, DaddyGod !  You’ve always stayed with me ~ 24/7 ~ You SHOW ME YOUR FACE ~ Your face of Grace ~ Your love for me is forever & always!  It Pastors & Shepherds my soul through it all!  This is just the beginning of Heaven and I am already in Love with the BEST LOVE OF ALL !  Your Love is the Best Love of All !  It’s fully alive in every dimension of my life ~ to infinity in my being!  My Being is in You!  Your Voice is my voice and my voice is Yours.  I hear the language of Heaven when You sing over & speak to my heart!  I am lost in love with the adjectives, adverbs & exclamations of Your love!  Yet, I am so found in the Sozo zone of Your expressions of Your love!  They are audible words yet whispers to my heart.  They are so visual speaking thousands of worth and love notes to my soul!  My spiritual senses are enlivened, touched & affected  on every level discovering yet deeper levels I fall in love with You!  You hold my full attention because I am Your full attention!  I I am so relaxed ~ so at ease~ so comforted by every syllable of Your love notes that You speak so sweetly to my soul.  How You clearly enunciate every LOVE WORD ~ Your love language penetrates ALL and is so well & perfectly aimed at intentionally making me feel Your love.     Like an arrow of Heaven’s XOXOXO’s You draw the bow delivering with such precise colors of Heaven burst within me!  DaddyGod, I have never known or  experienced a love like Yours!  You are the Source ~ my Source ~ my ALL~ through it ALL, in it all, with Your  ALL!   So, ALL to You ~ all I give~ give my ALL to forever live with You!   Here in Your Heart 2 Heart ~ we become ONE~ ONE VOICE~ ONE MELODY~ syncing in Love’s Harmony~ ONE in creativity and lyrically ONE in composing, ONE in singing Your Love notes ♥ 2 ♥ 2 ♥ ! I am Your Love pen~ write through me!  I am Your Love song~ sing through me!  I am Your dance~ dance through me!  Let every ♫, every lyric & melody line by the love songs You sing through me!  You filled me ► use all of me to share MORE of You through using MORE of me to Love MORE with Your Love!  I love You to infinity with Your Infinite Love! 
    •  Psalm 84     ONE DAY SPENT IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL LOVE MIRROR-FILLED HOUSE BEATS THOUSANDS OF DAYS ELSEWHERE because when I look in Your mirrors of  Love ~ all I see is You in me ~ Your love in me!  Your reflection is my reflection and it’s beautiful!  I had traveled miles in my heart love-thirsty soul in search of  LOVING FAVOR that calls me by Name ~ I found YOUR LOVE that speaks YOUR Love language over my heart & soul & has awakened  my spiritual senses through the lonesome valleys to the winterized woods ~ to the dawning of a new day !  I love Your Love Living Room, DaddyGod !! Holy Fires are burning & turning up the volume of Your Love Notes in my heart’s ears!  I accepted Your welcoming invitation to enter the Home of  Your Heart  walking in through the Door of ADO(or)ATION ~ seeing You, loving You for WHO You really are ~ ADORING THE REFLECTIONS OF YOUR MAJESTY which is beyond infinity ~ then singing Your Love Notes back to my heart through seeing myself in Your eyes of Love ~ that’s a-dore that has helped me come through when I began to adore & praise You for ALL that You came through for me  !!! ♥ Your Joy is Your Love’s  kiss on my morning HORIZON !  I’m SO at HOME in Your Love & Your Love is my Home Sweet Home!  It is Your Love, Abba that Fathers me!  It is Your LOVE that calls me Your own!  From the Heaven’s You placed Your Home in me ~ it’s just You & me at Home in Your Love !
    • I did not realize at the time I was following DaddyGod-traveled pathways that have now led me to Zion (and to think You were with me all the time even when I wasn’t aware You were there ~ Your Love remained & stayed with me through it all) On the Mountain of Believe I now stand on my knees to receive  every provision & promise that the Finished Work of Jesus carried & flew me here to receive!  I am standing on Holy ground reverencing & experiencing YOU!  The bush is still burning & calling out to me with the voice of my Blazing Holy Living Flame’s voice ~ “Resurrection’s Holy Flame flows in your veins ~ breathing the Flame of  Holy Spirit Fire over & igniting the embers of the Restoration of Love in my soul ~  a Revolution of Love is calling !  I am re-born  ~ Born Again ~ Baptized in Your Love ~ on the Mountain of Believe! 
    • You give the BEST ~ the BEST LOVE OF ALL !  I am in love with the BEST LOVE OF ALL !  All of my love springs from Your Love!  Your Love makes ALL the difference ~ gives sight to the blind ~ gives a new song to deaf ears ~ a new friend / companion to those who’ve come to see You in their darkest hours / times and a feeler expresser to the souls of those who’ve buried their feelings alive ~ You gently whisper Your language of Love over their souls & they are set FREE to be Loved & express Love to others! 
    • Psalm 89     Your Love is my Godsong !  My Godsongs tell the Godstories of Your Love in my life!  You are FAITHFUL & TRUE. I ride upon Your white Horse with You to tell everyone the message of the Gospel of Peace and how I’m SO EXCITED about the Godstory of Love You’ve written in me! Your Love was the seat I rested upon in the darkness.  Your love was the ground & foundation beneath my fearful feet and quaking knees !  Your Faithfulness is a canopy over my life!  Every search for Love led me to Your arms & I was satisfied!  You whispered the Passwords of Praise into the vault of my heart!  You summoned the colors of Your Love Palette to decorate the interior of my Heart ~ Your Love’s Heartlight glows & radiates to my exterior!  My Heartlight is on and it’s on FIRE with Your anointing Love oil! 
    • You’ve spoken to my heart in the visual and Your voice to my heart’s ears!  I hear Your voice echo ” My Goodness & Mercy shall follow You!”  That was the day HOPE (the confident expectation of good) was born & I felt Your forgiveness ability (Your Grace & Mercy) follow me!  You go before me leading me beside still waters ~ the pools where Your healing flows ~ restoring my soul (my emotions / feelings) anointing my head with Your love !  Revival of Love lifts my head up to look at Your eyes ~ face 2 face ~ to see myself through Your Eyes of Love ~ through Your Amazing Grace!  Shepherd of my soul ~ ( my emotions) You have filled me with the Fullness of You!  I have everything I need in You because I have the Fullness of God living & breathing ~ Alive in me!  I am not in lack because You are my source and You are MORE than enough!  I am in You and You are in me! You’ve made me a carpet of flowers to bed me down in right beside the Oasis of Your love which pools the Living Water of Your Liquid love for me to drink from!  You resuscitated me with Your Breath of Life!  Now, I am alive in You because You are alive in me!  Perfect Love Letter that poured from Your heart drove away the fear of the night where sometimes in darkness I used to hide.  Now, I hide under the Shadow of Your Wings ~ You cover me with Your Feathers ~ I am at rest because I trust (have faith & Believe) that Your arms of expansive Love protect me!  So, I fear NOTHING  because I am living in the Living Room of Your Perfect Love!  The Cross was the DOOR(way) and Your Love Signature upon the doorposts of my heart!  You are the KEY for me to find the abundant life in You because YOU ARE the ABUNDANT LIFE! As I entered the Home of Your Love through the Eyes of  Your Love ~ there was a staircase leading up to You!  You invited me to climb Your ladder of Love  ~ step by step ~ closer and closer to You ~  then Face 2 Face ~ Heart 2 Heart embrace!  A Door to my left ~the keys in Your nail-scarred hands ~ You unlocked the door and set me FREE in Your Abundant Love & Heavenly Life to experience eternity with You in my heart ~ here & now ~ and that sweet Revelation Day to come!  O, Promised Land ~ I’m HERE !!!
    • ROMANS 8:   I have discovered that place where I am deeply connected with You.  It is a place within the deep reservoirs of my heart where I am in continual ♥ 2 ♥  2~ way interactive, free~flowing inward & eternal focused conversations with You !  How you interconnect and interact with my heart, soul & spirit intercepting my innermost thoughts and feelings interpreting them with Heaven’s Language and interceding the inexpressible into the heart of Love Himself ~ my expresser~feeler, my go~between!   I LIVE IN A DANCE WITH THE SPIRIT because YOUR SPIRIT is ALIVE IN ME!  It is a realm of life & peace ~ Shalom   It is the realm of pleasure to my DaddyGod’s heart where His Spirit  is living in me & I am living in His Spirit!  You give me life because You are alive in me.  I am pleasing and “as I should be” because my I AM is as He should be in me.   I am filled with righteousness because Your righteousness lives in me. Your love, identity, worth & value, righteousness is so deeply ingrained within me that it has become my spiritual makeup / DNA. Your Spirit gives me inexhaustible life and your GRACE is the fueled up generator ~ the Powerhouse of Life within me that birthed and has woven YOUR RISEN LIFE withinside of me.  Your new life encompasses everything within the fabric of my being and has raised a new life in me by Your grace.     Spirit ~ lead me on in the dance with You, my Abba, my DaddyGod ~ my sweet Jesus!  You witnessed the day of my adoption into your family. You testify to the day my heart was signed & sealed by Your Love signature ~ giving me my NEW NAME !  It was THAT day I became an heir to the Inheritance I have in You ~ the Fullness of GOD~ everything that You are & everything You have is in me!  What treasures You  have prepared for my heart that I am enjoying in the HOPE chest You have filled within me.  The day of my adoption was the day I became Your child & Jesus became my  brother.  Your GLORY is revealed in the deep recesses of my heart where You translate & intercede upon my behalf !  You are my BLESSED GO~ BETWEEN!  Your daughter is forever, eternally grateful sweet Spirit~ my DaddyGod !   I am SO in love with You!!!   Romans 8
    • Romans 8:28
      Isaiah 40:31
      Matthew 11:30
      Jeremiah 29:11
      1 Corinthians 13
      Romans 8:31-39

      I am a LOVE present before You, DaddyGod! At ALL times, in every season, through it all, during the WAITING, I’ve braided, bonded, entwined myself with You ~ Your Heart 222gether with mine!!! Because I WAIT for You, DaddyGod (*Hebrew word for WAIT is ‘Kawvah’ which means to bind 222gether by twisting, to braid, entwine) with an EXPECTANT, HOPEFUL heart, looking for Your Goodness while meditating / focusing upon my HOPE (confident expectation of a good God outcome) in You & Your Goodness ~ Your GRACE has reNEWed my strength with new & fresh strength & power. I’ve lifted up my wings (and have risen up close to You) like an eagle. I’m not only running with You ~ side by side ~ I’m SOARING ! I am not weary, tired, burned or worn out nor lagging behind because when I came to You to get away with You, to find REAL REST in Your presence, my heart experienced that Your Yoke is so easy, unforced, not heavy and fits me just right as I spend time in Your healing presence.

      As I’ve waited, braided, entwined & bonded myself with You, You’ve orchestrated EVERYTHING in my life to work 222gether towards something good, beautiful, life-giving and full of loving ministry opportunities. Your Love has won my heart. I dwell in the promised land of Your good plans, shalom, good future and HOPE (a confident expectation of Your Good God outcome) that You’ve had in mind to give to me before the creation of this world. I am flourishing in Your Peace & everything that You say that I am in You!

      With You as my Source, I am never lacking for any good thing. During the WAITING, I’ve braided, entwined and bonded myself to You & to Jesus, the Hope (the confident expectation of a Good God outcome) of all Glory who is my everything ! Your view & opinion ~ Your GLORY ~ is my REALITY!!! The realness & Fullness of You ~ everything that You are and everything that You have ~ is really & fully living & breathing inside of me! You are my Good God outcome ~ my HOPE ~ that creates good things, good purposes & loving ministry opportunities out of any bad / sad things that I’ve experienced in my life. The Hand of my DaddyGod only CREATES GOOD IN MY LIFE!!!

      You ALWAYS come from a place of LOVE. Love is Your Purpose. Love is Your good plan! You are LOVE!!! You are patient. You are pleased & comfortable to spend time with me just as I am. You are always peaceful, respectful, attentive, present with me with Your full attention on me. You are content, pleased, satisfied and full of joy when you think about & spend time with me. You always come from a place of TRUTH because You are TRUTH ~ the LIFE-GIVING, LIVING TRUTH !! You place Your trust in me always giving me HOPE ~ a confident expectation that YOU will always bring / create/ orchestrate a Good God outcome for me. You are my FAITHFUL & TRUE ~ Trustworthy to the core. When Your Fullness & Righteousness ~ Your Kingdom of Love arrived and became alive in me, You brought Your healing & wholeness to my life and to my heart. I am
      whole-heartedly YOURS!! I love everything about You!

      As I have learned to love everything about WHO YOU are in me, You (LOVE) created the most beautiful picture / visual 222 my heart that washed my eyes 222 see that You are my WORTH & VALUE! You are my IDENTITY!! You are LOVE! Therefore, LOVE is my Identity, worth and value! It’s a face222face, heart222heart LOVE ENCOUNTER with YOU that healed my heart with the most beautiful experiential heart KNOWledge that I am fully KNOWN by You! WOOHOO!!! I am fully KNOWN by LOVE!!! You are LOVE!!! The greatest and best LOVE of ALL is Your LOVE ! It’s the BEST LOVE OF ALL! Faith, Hope & Your Love have been my greatest companions through all or any suffering & sorrow I’ve experienced in my life but I have discovered for myself in the Secret Place that Your LOVE is the GREATEST COMPANION & GIFT OF ALL! Your LOVE is the most beautiful, life-giving, healing present I’ve EVER received / experienced in every season of my life, during the waiting, throughout my whole life that has transformed / created me to be a LOVE present before You, DaddyGod, as well as 222 others.

      I found YOUR LOVE ~ the best gift of all ~ IN & THROUGH the WAITING as I braided, bonded, entwined my heart 222gether with Yours. Nothing can take away, erase, come between or separate me from Your Love. Fear, condemnation, shame, guilt, troubles, hardships, persecution, hunger, poverty, danger and even death are absolutely nothing / obsolete / cancelled out / sent away/ cast away / non-effective in the presence of Your Love! Your Love adopted (chose, hand-selected, hand-picked, hand-created) me as Your own, Your daughter, Your child & Your family. Through YOUR WINNING, VICTORIOUS LOVE ~ I stand tall in Your promises that no matter what comes, You’ve given me spiritual senses to be able to taste, see, hear, smell, and experience a VICTORIOUS touch-down of WE -WIN VICTORY in & through the Finished Work of Jesus! My HOPE ~ (my confident expectation of a Good God outcome) ~ is unshakable & immovable because Your Word of Truth promises that NO-THING, NOTHING in the past, present or future ~ nothing in the heights, depths, nor any created person, place, no-thing /nothings, circumstance can ever come between us and the REAL Love You’ve revealed through Your Son, Jesus, the Prince of my Life & our heart2heart loving moments where You’ve eternally wrapped Your presence around my heart.

      What a LOVE song You are! You are my Beautiful Songbird of Love in the day & throughout the night bringing songs of Joy & new mercies 222 my heart with each new horizon! You are the SONG of my HEART & the SONG of my LIFE !! I sing YOU ~ YOUR LOVE ~ YOUR LOVE NOTES ~ YOUR LOVE LETTERS 222 Your heart, my heart and other’s hearts all for the glory & honor of Your name so greatly 222 be praised!!! Your SONG is my SONG! My Godsongs are Your Love songs, Love Letters, Love Notes & Songs of Life ♫ Heavenly born & created in Your anointed, Holy presence of Love downloaded & breathed into my heart 222 so that I may be a Love blessing 222 your heart as I exhale & sing & share my Godsongs back 222 You and share my Godsongs, Godstories & God-testimonies with others! This is my Love present 222 You & others because of the Presence of Your Love & the Love Present You are 222 me! As I have waited ~ braided, entwined and bonded myself around You, You’ve been the Strong & Beautiful Chord of Love that has braided, wrapped, entwined, bonded around me. O, my sweet song of LOVE, I am one with You and You are one with me as You wrap Your Presence around my heart, I feel Your healing love impart Your Loving GRACE 222 me ! DaddyGod, YOU are LOVE….and
      YOU ARE SO WORTH the WAIT !!!   1/26/2016

      Momo Smiley's photo.

      I invite you to play my Godsongs Playlist in the background as you read “LOVE LETTER”

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5 Responses to “LOVE LETTER”

  1. Sheila says:

    I am completely swept away in waves of LOVE, its like a love letter from the shores of heaven, filling me with such longing, that I understand how thirsty the deer must be to pant, for my soul pants for the living water of Love, to be swept away in the tidal wave of LOVE and GRACE, i can hear the waves lapping upon the shore of my heart, LOVE’S ocean waves wash over me…o the beauty of this LOVE, taking me places I’VE NEVER been before……….to heaven’s LOVE shore. Glorious love letter….I CAN hear HIM singing His LOVE SONG over me…LOVE has awakened me, and come alive in me. O beautiful, beautiful LOVER, i’m carried away on the LOVE notes of Your song.

  2. Sheila says:

    absolutely beautiful………Love letter…is more than a letter, but like a portal into the LOVE. THANK YOU for sharing ….I am undone.

  3. Sheila says:

    More beautiful than words can express, it was like I was transported to this place called LOVE, and swept away in LOVE’S EMBRACE….beyond description…I was transported….by LOVE.

  4. Heidie Timm says:

    I ubsolutly love your site… God bless you and ♥SHALOM ♥

  5. Donna Cox says:

    Deep calls to Deep … when I read your beautiful “Love Letter” I was touched so deeply. Yes my dear, God surely has his hand upon you. You are an amazing, precious, priceless, vehicle of His loving presence. Our Father’s love flows within, upon, and spills out freely, gloriously onto and into the lives of others. God Bless you as you continue your journey with Him! <3

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